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Kickstarter for Mel Chin’s “The Arctic is Paris” film

Support Mel Chin film on Kickstarter.  Conceived at the Rising Waters Confab 2015.

The Arctic is Paris.   A short film connecting the Arctic, Paris, and the world, with poodles, and an Inuit hunter giving an urgent climate change message.  See the trailer.




The Rising Waters Confab Report / Visual Book is complete.  Click here for the document.


Rising Waters Confab Report

2 Participants
3 Introducing the Rising Waters Confab | Buster Simpson
4 Captiva’s Outlook | Leonard Berry
5 In the Dry Morning | Gretel Ehrlich
8 How the Arctic Drives the Climate of the Temperate World | Gretel Ehrlich
11 What Happened 120,000 Years Ago Could Repeat | John Englander
12 Surging Seas | Climate Central
14 We Have Time to Adapt, but No Time to Waste | John Englander
16 Digging for Water | Glenn Weiss
18 Is it Fair? | Thomas Ruppert
19 How to Talk About the Climate | Florida Sea Grant College Program
21 Week Two | Jeremy Pickard
22 Climate Change Is Gradual | June Wilson
24 Commons at Ground Level | Anne Focke
27 Commons Reader | Anne Focke
28 Rising Waters Blog | Anne Focke
30 Who Should be Our Allies? | Orion Cruz
32 Agitprop at Rally | Buster Simpson and Edward Morris
33 Statues of Brave Heroes of Climate Change Skepticism | Lewis Hyde
34 Drowning Man Festival | Lewis Hyde with Others
36 5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas | Xavier Cortada
38 Captiva Island H.V.A.C. Wedge | Buster Simpson
39 Making Ice Bags to Refreeze the Glaciers | Xavier Cortada
40 Glenn Weiss, Jungle Seeds
41 Week Two | Jeremy Pickard
42 L’Arctique est Paris | All Confab Collaboration, Lead Authors Mel Chin and Gretel Ehrlich
49 Mangroves | Xavier Cortada, Walter Hood, and Buster Simpson
51 Removing Exotics | Xavier Cortada
Raked Free Zone | Buster Simpson
52 Pine Island Sound Expedition
54 Underwater Affair and Palm Column | Walter Hood
56 Hurricane Remodel…Hire an Artist | Lewis Hyde
57 The Graceful Retreat | Buster Simpson
58 National Midden Mound-ument Preserves | Buster Simpson and Andrea Polli
60 Rising Gas | Andrea Polli
62 Islands and Global Forces – Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary | Andrea Polli and Buster Simpson
64 Voxel Frog // Mangrove | Buster Simpson
66 Limestone | David Buckland
68 Charcoal Sketch 2 for Neptune (A Play About Water) | Jeremy Pickard
72 SOS Life Float & Reliquary | Buster Simpson
74 Suggesting Palm Readings | Laura Sindell
76 Charley and Bob | Andrea Polli
78 Luxury Island and American River Archive | Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler
80 The Water Table | Jeremy Pickard
82 Pinhole Cameras | Laura Sindell
84 More Sugar, Dear? | Laura Sindell
86 Grounding Line – I’ve Seen the Water on the Wall | Lewis Hyde
87 The Manatees at Blue Springs | Lewis Hyde
88 Becoming Water | Gretel Ehrlich
89 Death and Poetry | Gretel Ehrlich
90 Fathom’s Portal | Buster Simpson
91 Stacked Chairs | June Wilson
92 Table to Deploy // The Arctic is Captiva | Buster Simpson

Confab Collaboration Continues in Paris: Chin, Ehrlich and Canary Project

Artist Mel Chin, Author Gretel Ehrlich and Canary Project director Ed Morris met at the Rising Waters Confab and invented “THE ARCTIC IS”.  This week in Paris, the team is holding discussions and presented rough cuts of the future film.


Today as the COP21 international climate talks began in Paris, French President Hollande noted that, “the stakes have never been higher.”  Over the weekend nearly a million people marched in cities and towns around the world to send a clear message to the negotiators.

Inspired by the activism around the COP21 talks, The Canary Project has been working with Mel Chinand Gretel Ehrlich on a multifaceted project called The Arctic Is.  This project will ultimately result in a website with information on both climate change impacts and actions specific to any location you enter.  Not run of the mill actions like changing a light bulb or buying this or that green product, but rather specific marches, politicians to vote for, groups to join, real culture that you can make etc.

The main theme of the project is that climate change is not some remote phenomenon. It is everywhere and is happening now.  The Arctic is Paris.  The Arctic is Des Moines. The Arctic is Lagos.  The Arctic is Lima.  The Arctic is Beirut.  The Arctic is your hometown.  The project launches with two events in Paris organized by Gretel Ehrlich featuring in an amazing in-progress film by Mel Chin.  See below.

Summit of Creatives
Expanding the Conversation
The Arctic Is

Gaite Lyrique 

3bis Rue Rapin
Paris, 75003
December 6, 2:30 PM

Part 2 of the conversation.
L’arctique est Paris
The Arctic is Paris


14, avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris
December 2, 7 PM
refreshments served

Please join us for a conversation moderated by former host of Talk of the Nation on NPRNeal Conan, with Greenlanders, Jens Danielsen and Mamarut Kristiansen with several climate scientists.  Additionally, clips from Mel Chin’s film, “L’Arctique est Paris” produced in collaboration with Gretel Ehrlich
and The Canary Project will be shown.
The Canary Project
115 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

Int’l Call to Artists, Scientists & Educators: The Arctic Circle Residency, apply by Jan 15 2016

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle 2016 Residency for Artists, Scientists & Educators

Deadline for Applications: Jan 15, 2016 11:59 EST

Application Guidelines

Upcoming Expeditions:

The Arctic Circle 2016, Summer Solstice Expedition: June 11 th – June 29th, 2016 International Territory of Svalbard
The Arctic Circle 2016, Autumn Art & Science Expedition: Oct 1 st – Oct 19th , 2016 International Territory of Svalbard

In 2016, The Arctic Circle program embarks on two high Arctic expeditions aboard an ice-class expedition sailing vessel. International artists of all disciplines, architects, scientists and educators alike are invited to apply.

The Arctic Circle 2016 programming takes place in the international territory of Svalbard, a mountainous Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees from the North Pole. Each expedition provides the opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaborations with the expedition’s fellow participants. Our vessel and home during our time in the remote Arctic, a traditionally rigged Barquentine, is equipped with workspace, common areas, and ample room for privacy and creativity.


The Arctic Circle 2016, Summer Solstice Expedition: June 11 th – June 29th, 2016
The Arctic Circle 2016, Autumn Art & Science Expedition: Oct 1st – Oct 19th , 2016

Included are: • Hotel accommodation pre and post sailing, Longyearbyen, Svalbard • Transfers from airport to hotel, and hotel to ship, Longyearbyen, Svalbard • Accommodation on board from our point of departure to return • All meals on board • All shore excursions • Access to on board facilities Selected participants are responsible for transportation to/ from Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Selected participants are provided with a list of required items and appropriate dress to bring, and in-depth, comprehensive assistance in all areas of expedition preparation. Our ship is equipped and certified for Arctic waters. The Captain and crew are fully qualified and experienced in High Arctic sailing.

Application Guidelines for Individuals, The Arctic Circle 2016


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Images

Arctic Sea Ice Video

Arctic Sea Ice Video

Seaweed Farm in Korea

Seaweed Farm in Korea

More images from outer space at Goddard Flickr Page