Rising Waters Collection

Blue Sarong:  Parade of Solidarity   (Drawing by Chris Cozier)

Blue Sarong: Parade of Solidarity with Sea Level Rise Communities (Drawing by Chris Cozier)

June 2016 DRAFT…….
All web channels just placeholders.  No artworks or products.

From the energy of the 2016 Rising Waters Confab at the Rauschenberg Residency, the Rising Waters Collection has been developed.  Artworks, designs and products to engage the general public in sea level rise caused by global warming will soon be available for viewing, reading, sharing, downloading and some purchasing.  The collection includes documentation of performances, installations and other art and design, essays and poems, templates, stencils and broadsides with instructions for public use, and items such as clothing, flags, posters, etc.  Here are the links as developed.

Use the http://RisingWatersCo.org web address to direct people to this page.

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See the artworks here and submit other artworks for inclusion as a downloadable product.

T-shirts, beach towels, stickers, etc with Rising Waters Collection images & text.

Social Media:  ALL sites are “RisingWatersCo”.  Just search for it.  As of June 2016, most are blank.

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RauschenbergBeach May2016 Photo Chris Cozier (7)

“Become Ocean”, Flag, Scarf or Tapestry by Marina Zurkow