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Union of Concerned Scientist Report

Miami-Dade County, Florida (2045)

Union of Concerned Scientist has just published a new report on level rise and tidal flooding in Miami-Dade County.  The report focuses on 2045 – 30 years in the future.
flooded beach in coral gables, florida

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High tide leaves Matheson Hammock, a coastal park in Coral Gables, under water. With sea levels rising, large areas of Miami-Dade County will be at increasing risk of inundation within the lifetime of children today.

The consequences of sea level rise

flooding in Miami, Florida

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As the reach of tidal flooding expands and flooding becomes more frequent, an increasing number of communities, homes, and businesses will be affected, as will the daily lives of those who call this vibrant region home.

Miami-Dade County faces a number of sea level rise risks, including increased urban flooding, increased saltwater intrusion and contamination of drinking water supplies, and flooding of power plant substations and ensuing power outages.

By 2045, sea level in Miami-Dade County is expected to rise about 15 inches above current levels, according to a projection by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

With this increase, in just 30 years’ time, flood-prone locations in Miami-Dade County’s coastal communities would face roughly 380 high-tide flood events per year, and the extent of tidal floods would expand to affect new low-lying locations, including many low-income communities with limited resources for preparedness measures.

The flood events that today snarl daily life in parts of the county only periodically would become widespread and, on average, a daily occurrence.

As sea levels rise, higher water levels can also increase the extent and impact of storm surge and can permanently inundate some locations. About one-fifth of urban Miami-Dade County (namely, the area outside of the Everglades) lies at elevations that are within one foot of sea level at high tide; a one-foot increase in sea level is estimated to threaten up to $6.4 billion in taxable real  estate in the county overall.

10 Page Fact Sheet on Miami-Dade:


The Rising Waters Confab Report / Visual Book is complete.  Click here for the document.


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Interactive Map for Submerged USA at 12 feet and 25 feet rise

See Captiva Island and Fort Myers image.

Search or navigate the interactive tools above to see maps of areas below different amounts of sea level rise and flooding, down to neighborhood scale, matched with area timelines of risk. The tool also provides statistics of population, homes and land affected by city, county and state, plus links to factsheets, data downloads, action plans, embeddable widgets, and more. – See more at:

Sanibel Flood

Audubon’s Bird (redux)

Silkscreening my version of ‪#‎Audubon‬'s flamingo in ‪#‎Rauschenberg‬'s ‪#‎studio‬...

Xavier Cortada: “Silkscreening my version of ‪#‎Audubon‬’s flamingo in ‪#‎Rauschenberg‬’s ‪#‎studio‬…” (2015)


Depicting Endangered Florida Wild Life — at Rauschenberg Residency.


XAVIER CORTADA, “Red Wolf Pattern,” silk screen on ceramic flat tile, 2015. Created at the Rauschenberg Residency.

Xavier Cortada,

Fish House at the Rauschenberg Residency

Fish House at the Rauschenberg Residency

Visiting egret

Visiting egret

More #sketching of #florida #wildlife at #Fishhouse #Rauschenberg #Residency — at Rauschenberg Residency.

More #sketching of #florida #wildlife at #Fishhouse #Rauschenberg #Residency — at Rauschenberg Residency.

Xavier Cortada,

Xavier Cortada, “Florida is… the Red Wolf,” digital art, 2015.

Colin Foord on Miami’s Dredging and Coral Survival

From  by Miami based artist Colin Foord.

pm-1Over the past eighteen months, the Army Corps of Engineers’ Deep Dredge of Port Miami has continuously released dirty water throughout Biscayne Bay and onto our surrounding reefs. The dredging will continue through at least August 2015. Over the course of the Dredge project we have observed levels of suspended silt far beyond what is environmentally acceptable or healthy in a coral reef environment. Silt that is directly causing coral mortality in areas far beyond where the Army Corps predicted.

One of Coral Morphologic’s biggest ongoing concerns during the Deep Dredge has been the well-being of a hybrid fused-staghorn coral (Acropora prolifera) colonizing the Fisher Island side of Government Cut. This coral is what kickstarted our interest in documenting the extent of coral colonization within Miami’s coastal waterways, and was the subject of Colin’s 2011 TEDxMIA talk ‘A Hybrid Future: The Corals of Miami‘. The concerns we expressed to the State of Florida about this coral is ultimately what led them to provide us with permits to rescue corals from the dredging far offshore… but not for the hybrid itself (or any other corals on Fisher Island).

Dredging Miami Channel 2015

Dredging Miami Channel 2015

Colin Foord exhibition at MIami International Airport

Colin Foord exhibition at MIami International Airport

Thoth: The Master of Ceremonies for “Drowning Man”

-date08-17-2013time08-55-36Glad to see the sacred ibis has honored the new mangroves.  According to one website: “The ibis represented the god Thoth, god of wisdom, knowledge and writing, and was considered the herald of the flood”   Thoth was the official recorder of the weighing of the heart to determine eternal fates in the underworld.   I think with have the master of ceremonies for “Downing Man”


Ibis visit new mangrove planting at RR.

A group of Ibis bless the new mangrove planting at RR.

Thot image at Karnak Temple.

Thot image at Karnak Temple.

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art….
The name Thot in Egyptian was dhwty, written with the hieroglyph of the ibis on a perch. Thot was the god of learning, and of sciences and the arts in general.….

…first month of the Season of the Inundation was called Thot and the first day of that month originally coincided with the rising of the Nile, a water bird like the white ibis may have been symbolic of that idea in the minds of the Egyptians.

Thot statue

Thot statues at Metropolitan Museum, NYC

According to another website
Role of Thoth in the Underworld.  Thoth was always present in the Judgement Hall of the Two Truths during the Weighing of the Heart ceremony in which the eternal fate of a soul of the dead was determined. The role of Thoth, as the scribe of the Underworld, wrote the results of the judgement of every soul.

Thot recording the judgement in the underworld

Thot recording the judgement in the underworld

And for better or worse, the Sebastian the Ibis has been the mascot of the University of Miami.  UofM is more commonly known as the “Hurricanes”.

Sebastian the Ibis.  University of Miami mascot since 1957.

Sebastian the Ibis. University of Miami mascot since 1957.