Digital Broadsides

In the tradition of artist activism and inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s thinking and work, we are requesting that each participant create at least one “Digital Broadside.” Marina Zurkow has already been exploring this territory at Dear Climate ( The digital broadsides will be an online exhibition and open source, downloadable files for printing and physical exhibitions in schools, centers of all types and cultural institutions.   The broadsides provide a useful persuasive tool and a public expression of the thinking at the Confab. The link to the 2015 Confab also serves as examples.

We hope that artists will team with any non-artists who are less secure in their visual skills.

Smudge Studio Broadsides


From Jamie and Liz……
“We’ve been intrigued by highly visual Japanese broadsheets (“kawara-ban”, 12″x18″) produced in the 1800s, some in response to a series of natural disasters which led to the need/desire for “news” and information about things such as the location of rescue shelters for victims, as well as humor, games, verse, etc.:  Toyko Library Online  The vendors read headlines and portions of the contents out loud on the streets and then tried to sell the broadsides to the public, so there was a public performance aspect to their distribution.”   Liz and Jamie

CatfishThis is one of the many ‘Catfish Pictures’ that were painted following the Great Earthquake of Ansei. The popularity of ‘Catfish Pictures’ spread quickly among the people who used it is a talisman to guard the body against earthquakes or as an incantation to dispel anxiety.

As it was believed that earthquakes were caused by catfish inside the earth moving about, after the Ansei Earthquake a great amount of ‘Catfish Pictures’ featuring caricatures of catfishes were published and proved to be very popular with the people. Tokyo Library.


At the West Palm Beach Antique Flea Market, Glenn found the following posters.  Not originals, but reprints from the 1960s. Bringing to Confab.01