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Video of sea temperature rise

Interesting graphic display of warming of the seas.

I found my words- I am learning from this community of artists, scientists and thinkers -we can, we do- enthrall, enliven, enhearten, entrust.

NY Times Relocation Discussion

United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security

People and tribes in southern Louisiana subject of community dialog on relocation and those that want to dig roots deeper on vanishing land. This parallels our discussion of retreat and the pain it brings.


Local archeologist working to save history before it is submerged

From Dr. Karen Walker  (just this week) an archeologist with the University of Florida : “Coincidentally, next week I will be working on Calusa Island (near Bokeelia, Pine Island) recording and sampling a Late Archaic shell midden that is rapidly disappearing due to sea-level rise/storms.”

Karen mapped the Calusa’s adaptation to sea level changes that correlate to the mini ice ages and warming periods that have taken place in the last 2000 years around Captiva, Pine Island and Buck Key. During one mini ice age, Calusas abandoned their site, because the water was so low, the current area known as Pine Island Sound, was dry land.