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Miami’s Low-Income Communities Might Finally Get a Voice in Sea-Level Rise Planning

Miami’s new city commissioner Ken Russell is a breath of fresh air in a city better known for its corrupt politicians. Ken was an international yo-yo salesman before running for office for the first time last year. Also, the only city commissioner I know that can land a kick-flip on a skateboard. A real Gen Xer.

On Mastodons and Humans in Florida

Scientists uncover a hidden trove of pre-Clovis (Ice Age-era) archaeological artifacts that sea level rise long ago submerged in Florida:

Even for the fast-melting Arctic, 2016 is in ‘uncharted territory’

Love seeing what you guys are working on. Wish I was still there! Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing the outcome of the Beach Assault! Eye-opening to hear how few people were aware of sea level rise when Glenn did a test-run :-/

Washington judge rules in favor of kids and climate

Washington judge rules in favor of kids and climate

‘Coral City’ documentary

To those that missed it last night (or want to share/re-watch), here is the link to ‘Coral City’ that documents our work during the PortMiami dredging project that was written about today in the NYT. Happy to see that NOAA came through with a realistic post-mortem analysis of the ACOE’s shit show.

“Lessons From Underwater Miami”

Here is more info on the giant boulders perched on cliffs in the Bahamas that are referred to in the article:

Boulders in the Bahamas

The Sleeping Dragon of Methane (aka #EarthFart)

One of the more alarming articles I’ve read on climate change feedback loops, the thawing of arctic permafrost, and destabilization of frozen methane hydrates (all things not currently considered in sea level/warming models)