1 Rising Waters Confab

Captiva 2013-1
Rauschenberg Residency
April 27-May 29, 2015

The Rising Waters Confab aims to spark new thinking and influence civic will toward finding and spreading solutions to the rising waters of climate change. This is a collective effort guided by a diverse array of artists and writers in a spirit of collaboration with scientists, activists, advocates, philanthropists, and island dwellers.

Overall premise for participants

The residency offers opportunities for exchanging ideas and learning together as well as for individual work, field research, and reflection. We expect that the chance to think and talk together, across fields and disciplines, will lead to two-way learning and possibly to the creation of collective work and hands-on collaborative projects. While the underlying focus is on rising waters and climate change, the structure and expectations of the Confab are flexible and open-ended. Specific outcomes are not planned in advance, and we anticipate schedule adjustments, impromptu sessions, and unexpected turns in what happens. Open group dynamics is the name of the game.

Welcome letter from Buster Simpson
Welcome letter from BusterClick here to read introductory materials for participants


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