ArtPlace America Summit: Artists


By: ArtPlace America

Below are conclusions by ArtPlace staff:  Not artist quotes.

Common threads began to emerge: participants spoke often about the artist’s role as a listener and translator for the community and art’s ability to create safe spaces from which we can examine and interrogate social/cultural challenges. Others spoke about art as a tool for agency, which can offer individuals and entire communities sovereignty and re-vitalization………

Perhaps the most illuminating moment came in the Theater breakout session, when an attendee said during conversation: “Perhaps, theater is a way to interrogate a complex issue without demonizing anyone.”

As we look back on the discussions during this year’s Artistic Breakout sessions, we’d argue that that thought can be applied much more broadly, maybe even to every artistic discipline featured at the summit. Art is a way of interrogating complex issues by way of process and engagement. We find solutions by listening, sharing and empowering others to do the same.


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