On Hospitality

Related to some of the things people have been sharing about relocation, and as one of the most visible manifestations of client change denial continues to be consumed by fire here in Canada and thousands of people flee the city, I thought I’d add a contribution to the word list Marina, Jamie and Liz have begun…


As people are displaced by climate change and arrive as strangers in new places, what is the role of those who are already there? What are their responsibilities? What might a graceful hospitality look like? What protocols might we draw upon?

In particular, I’d like to share this excellent meditation on hospitality (esp. Section II:Hospitality) : https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/228399/264279

With its turn towards the dark side of hospitality, I think it raises some rather important questions. I wonder if Derrida’s notion of absolute hospitality and giving place, as well as the subsequent discussion of responsibility and its underpinnings of power might be useful to think about here?

How could we make space for incompatible protocols? How can we attend to the difficulties of responsibility?

5 responses to “On Hospitality

  1. P.S. And here’s hoping for a safe evacuation for all FMM’s residents.


  2. I should also add that “those who are already there” is probably too simple a term and obscures the complication of responsibility…


  3. Lisa, Congrats on the BigCi Award and Residency in Australia. https://bigci.org/new-news/


  4. Thanks Glenn!


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