Rising Waters Submits to Knight Arts Challenge Miami

On May 2, 2016, the Rising Waters Confab submitted two proposals to the Knight Arts Challenge:  Miami.
Blue Sarong: Parade of Solidarity (Drawing by Chris Cozier)

Blue Sarong Tidal Rave (Drawing by Chris Cozier)

Blue Sarong Tidal Rave

SeeSea Sarong. Preliminary Study by Pat Oleszko.Imagine thousands in a procession, through the street to the sea edge, draped in a blue sarongs. The 3 foot increase in global water levels up to 2050 is conveyed by adults wrapping from the waist down and for children from the shoulders. Pat Oleszko will instigate this procession in collaboration with community artists and organizations of South Florida whose ocean fronts, deltas and islands of their national origin will experience similar challenges as the oceans rise – Caribbean, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, etc.  These sarongs will become a binding symbol of shared challenges defined by water levels, globally, instead of traditional cultural definitions.  These communities have procession cultures occurring where rivers meet the sea for religious and other cultural processions. Miami would be the starting point and the designs and event plan could be downloaded and adapted happen simultaneously or subsequently across the globe.

Sarong Distribution and Areas of Rising Sea Levels

Sarong Distribution and Areas of Rising Sea Levels



Durja Festival India

Lemanja Festival in Brazil

Lemanja Festival in Brazil

King Tide Makers Fest

72 Hour Urban Action Team

72 Hour Urban Action Team

With rising sea levels, current flooding, and risky weather, what kinds of creative, positive, and participatory community actions can we take? We propose to transform the image of impending mayhem in a “drowned world,” to exploring how to flourish with nimble,  adaptable means. Teams of artists, architects, climate scientists, sociologists, designers and hackers gather on Miami properties scheduled for demolition, and hack the architecture, landscape and infrastructure, preparing for a 3-6 foot sea level rise. With corporate donations of building materials, construction equipment, 3-D printers and digital/analog interfaces, the creative teams will demonstrate DIY adaptations to continue living in Miami with frequent temporary or permanent flooding.  A festival of ideas for a sustainable and resilient Miami will accompany the physical interventions.  Curated and organized by the 2016 Rising Waters Artists Confab at the Rauschenberg Residency, we will lead the conceptual development along with local design and activism communities.

Tikkum Olam "Makeathon" for the Disabled

Tikkum Olam “Makeathon” for the Disabled

Hack the Climate: Manila 2014

Hack the Climate: Manila 2014

Ideas City Festival

Ideas City Festival


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