reply to Marina’s Broadsheet themes / 18 artists on “Resilience”

In celebration of Marina’s call here, and in solidarity with the connotations of the words she offers as starting points:

We nominate the word and theme: “Wherewithal”

The word “wherewithal” dates to the 1530s and refers to the “means by which.”

That makes it a “medial” word/idea/image … it’s a noun that refers to a process, a medium, a moving vehicle that is useful, if not necessary and urgently needed.

We might playfully (re)animate this word by seeing it as a verbal/visual mashup of WHERE + WITH + ALL …

as in … we humans are in dire need of having new means by which to be-with the WHERE, the (local) PLACE that is our habitat, while also at the same time, being-with the ALL ELSE that composes, decomposes, and recomposes our local places. That “all else” is continuously arriving into and reshaping the “where” we are, via larger planetary (and human) dynamics and distant global realities and flows.

In the case of graceful migration and rising waters: we humans are in need of radically new “means by which” — tools, ideas, vehicles, harbors, vessels, traditions old and new (environments?). We need new wherewithals to trans-it ourselves out of habitual ways of dwelling, and out of knowledges and habits of responding to big fast change that are fast becoming inadequate

We need to recognize, foster and bolster new WHERE-WITH-ALLS. In ourselves and in our groups/cultures. So that we can be-with the WHERE we inhabit and pay close attention to what’s happening to it moment to moment. And so that we can set up, for ourselves and others, intentional and deliberately lived experiences of being SOMEWHERE-WITH-ALL-ELSE.

respectfully and humbly submitted on the eve of our departure for captiva!

2 responses to “reply to Marina’s Broadsheet themes / 18 artists on “Resilience”

  1. coralmorphologic

    ‘Wherewithal’ is a great concept. I also like the concept of ‘We’re all in the same boat together’ as a metaphor for confronting sea level rise. Sure it’s maybe a little more campy, but for the purpose of a broadside that speaks to the general public, I think it could get the point across visually and simply. Sea level rise will impact us all, whether the richest of rich in Palm Beach, or the poorest of poor in Bangladesh.


  2. islandkristie

    If we follow through on sarongs, they could be wearwithals


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