Should we rent “Thy Womb”

Should be have a Saturday or Sunday moving night?  “Thy Womb” looks interesting.  One reviewer: “Thy Womb introduces a creative expression of the culture and rituals of the Badjao tribe using the life story of a couple, in the character of Shaleha and Bangas-an. Shaleha, being an impotent wife, produces the drama of the story; but because of her culture’s solution to her problem, she was able to remedy her incapability by searching for a woman who can fulfil her duties and bore a child for his husband. The film is evidently slow but moving and it produces a colourful picture of the Badjaos and the culture it possesses.”

300px-Sea_Nomads_distribution_mapFor most of their history, the Sama-Bajau ( AKA Badjao) have been a nomadic, seafaring people, living off the sea by trading and subsistence fishing.[18] The boat-dwelling Sama-Bajau see themselves as non-aggressive people. They kept close to the shore by erecting houses on stilts, and travelled using lepa, handmade boats which many lived in.[18]  Wikipedia.


New work by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan about the Badjao in the Philippines.

Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan



One response to “Should we rent “Thy Womb”

  1. marinazurkow23

    That boat is fantastic. And the movie looks good!


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