mapping collaboration constellations?

How about introducing ourselves to each other through our constellations of influences and collaborators?  And finding connections to each other we didn’t even know were there?

MOMA’s current exhibition: Toyo Ito and SANAA and Beyond offers a look at architect Toyo Ito’s international network of students, collaborators, and influences.

CONSTELLATION3-articleLargeA diagram showing the architects and engineers whose work Toyo Ito has influenced, and whose work inspires him. CreditNicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

What if we introduced ourselves to each other by mapping, on a huge piece of paper (8’x8′?) taped to a wall, the people who have influenced (collaborated with) our individual understandings and perspectives on questions of climate change, the Anthropocene, and possible social, ethical, aesthetic responses?

We each could use a different colored sharpie … and draw (surprising?  previously unknown to us?) connections from our own “constellations” to those of other Confab residents … as we discover them in the mapping process.

The resulting diagram could serve as a reference resource to artists, scientists, activists whose work we might be unaware of; and as a visualization of potential areas of collaborations, exchanges, and shared intellectual histories among us.

Not to mention conspiracies:


One response to “mapping collaboration constellations?

  1. Not relevant. Just stories. In 1984, my business partner Kyong Park and I met with Toyo Ito in a Brooklyn diner. He was teaching a Pratt. He turned down our request to create an idea for the future of Adam Purple’s Garden of Eden in the Lower East Side. In 1999, I rang the doorbell to his office in Tokyo. No one answered.


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