Dialogue for the First Week: Knight Foundation Idea

Confab Team,

During the first week, we might have a brainstorming event for Rising Waters Confab ideas for the Knight Arts Challenge.  Last year, I entered the “Drowning Man Festival” invented at the 2015 Confab.  (I intend to send it again).  As southeast Florida residents, Colin Foord and I can submit as many ideas as we like – for the Confab or individual artists.

What kind of art event can accelerate awareness / action related to rising waters, contribute to the artistic vitality of the urban environments of southeast Florida and be “fresh”, “cool”, “hip”, etc. for the Knight judges?  See invite below the Climate Visuals Webinar.

CLIMATE VISUALS WEBINAR from http://climateoutreach.org/

Although I usually don’t like these type of things, I have signed up for the

Webinar 12 April: Climate Visuals – telling a better visual story about climate change

Thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world daily, but our understanding of how people interpret such images is limited, which leaves those trying to communicate about climate issues flying a little blind. To address this and give communicators more in the way of practical guidance, Climate Outreach conducted international social research to build a detailed picture of how people respond to different images of climate change. On this call hosted with TREE, Climate Outreach will present 7 principles for more effective visual communication about climate change (see our report and our Climate Visuals website), followed by a Q&A.


Dear Glenn (and tens of thousands of others),

I am delighted to share that we just launched the Knight Arts Challenge, this year offering $2.5 million for the best ideas for the arts in South Florida. We want to hear from you! What inspires you? What moves you? What do you want to share with the community? I hope you will take a moment to go toknightarts.org and submit your idea. All it takes is crafting a 150-word description by the May 2 deadline.

We just finished a wonderful series of Community Conversations on the challenge in March. This week, we are hosting two informational sessions on the challenge in the Florida Keys, and later this month we will be hosting office hours, where you can get individual feedback on your ideas from Knight Foundation staff. I hope you will join us and contribute to the conversation so that together we can make art general in Miami.

In the meantime, check out this overview of the 2016 challenge on our blog, including interviews with past winners.

I look forward to reading your idea.


Victoria Rogers
Knight Foundation

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