Shivaji Entrant Lisa Hirmer joins Confab

Shivaji Competition entrant Lisa Hirmer has been selected to join the Confab for one week in May.  Here is Lisa’s competition entry.


Lisa Hirmer is an inter-disciplinary Canadian artist whose work combines visual art, social practice, performance, design and art-based forms of critical research. She creates the majority of her work under the pseudonym DodoLab, an experimental practice focused on exploring and responding to the nebulous, complicated reality of public opinion (acknowledging this is itself a complicated idea). Through collecting, examining, illustrating, annotating, reconfiguring and disseminating this publicly-sourced material, DodoLab aims to not only explore collectively-held beliefs but also disrupt them. DodoLab is particularly concerned with barriers to adaptation and change, the instances where we know we need to change but are not able to do so—particularly those related to human ecological impact. Several recent projects, including Peak Peat (U.K, 2015), The Passengers (Canada, 2014), Lawns of a Speculative Future (Canada, 2014) and Beetle Gardens for Tough Times (Canada, 2013), have explored human relationships with the complex ecological realities of contemporary existence.



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