Confab Collaboration Continues in Paris: Chin, Ehrlich and Canary Project

Artist Mel Chin, Author Gretel Ehrlich and Canary Project director Ed Morris met at the Rising Waters Confab and invented “THE ARCTIC IS”.  This week in Paris, the team is holding discussions and presented rough cuts of the future film.


Today as the COP21 international climate talks began in Paris, French President Hollande noted that, “the stakes have never been higher.”  Over the weekend nearly a million people marched in cities and towns around the world to send a clear message to the negotiators.

Inspired by the activism around the COP21 talks, The Canary Project has been working with Mel Chinand Gretel Ehrlich on a multifaceted project called The Arctic Is.  This project will ultimately result in a website with information on both climate change impacts and actions specific to any location you enter.  Not run of the mill actions like changing a light bulb or buying this or that green product, but rather specific marches, politicians to vote for, groups to join, real culture that you can make etc.

The main theme of the project is that climate change is not some remote phenomenon. It is everywhere and is happening now.  The Arctic is Paris.  The Arctic is Des Moines. The Arctic is Lagos.  The Arctic is Lima.  The Arctic is Beirut.  The Arctic is your hometown.  The project launches with two events in Paris organized by Gretel Ehrlich featuring in an amazing in-progress film by Mel Chin.  See below.

Summit of Creatives
Expanding the Conversation
The Arctic Is

Gaite Lyrique 

3bis Rue Rapin
Paris, 75003
December 6, 2:30 PM

Part 2 of the conversation.
L’arctique est Paris
The Arctic is Paris


14, avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris
December 2, 7 PM
refreshments served

Please join us for a conversation moderated by former host of Talk of the Nation on NPRNeal Conan, with Greenlanders, Jens Danielsen and Mamarut Kristiansen with several climate scientists.  Additionally, clips from Mel Chin’s film, “L’Arctique est Paris” produced in collaboration with Gretel Ehrlich
and The Canary Project will be shown.
The Canary Project
115 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

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