Week Three haikus


Week Three

Preparing for loss,
We watch Young and the Restless,
Then go back to work.

Shift the perspective:
Great kings sit upon mountains
Made of trash and time.

Colossus, drunken,
Overtaken by events,
Drowns off Miami.

Approach crisis as
Comic or Kamikaze,
Smiling and forthright.

Some nuisance flooding?
Burn it, bury it, eat it,
Freeze it, hit it, fuck it.

Turn fields to lagoons,
To floating laboratories,
To sanctuaries.

Hurry; be patient.
The slash pine, enduring fire,
Cries stories of time.

A turtle is time:
One-hundred million years old,
Hatched in a moment.

Bird. Boat. Horizon.
I hope dying was like this.
Thanks for the chair, Bob.





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