Week Two Haikus



A myth is a poem
(Florida’s here forever)
You can’t get out of.

“Idle Speed, No Wake”
And “Business As Usual”
Cry the wading signs.

Thickening tourists
Off collecting thinning shells
On advancing beaches.

Red paint on the roof.
The sound of generators.
The loss of landmarks.

Time is not careful.
A kid runs in a circle,
Mixing the sandbox.

Visit Florida!
Salt floating on the surface,
Hollow underneath.


Visit Florida!
Mangrove beds on every shore.
The Sun-Powered State.

How it’s always been.
You fall in love with a place
When you first see it.

Ephemeral fish.
Dolphins, just for a moment.
Manatees gesture.

No need for lucubrating
Under a full moon.

Triumvirate soul:
Eyes, animal, reflection
In the water.

Gracefully she hosts
An ineffective demon
For seventy years.


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