Gretel suggests, “The Empty River of Life”

Drought has affected all of Iran but nowhere is its effect more visible than in Isfahan, where the water that once flowed under the Bridge of 33 Arches has vanished. Thomas Erdbrink is The New York Times’ “Man in Tehran.” In his May 5 column, “The Empty River of Life,” he says:

Over the past three years, the river has been dry, the result of little rainfall and a lack of sufficient water management. Residents who in the past would stroll along Isfahan’s riverbanks and breathe in the cool breeze off the flowing water instead cover their faces to defend against the dust blowing from the dry riverbeds.

In addition to reporting how Iranians confront the country’s drought, Erdbrink also answered readers’ questions about the government’s environmental policies and the prospects for dealing with the country’s lack of water.


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