Haikus: Week One


Conservation moves
Slowly like a Strangler Fig
Hugging trees to death.

Dance, Reddish Egret!
Debate, climate denier!
Feed by confusion!

Young Osprey warned us
Not to grab such a big fish
And now we are stuck.

The black snakes are dead.
Who can resist a warm road?

Here lies Mangrove:
Land-builder, husband, father.
Killed by a sidewalk.

Three big invasives:
Pine, Pepper, Melaleuca.
Four: the rising sea.

Stubborn Pelican.
Your friends gracefully retreat
And you stand alone.

Urgency, anger,
Solidarity, I can
make a difference, hope.

Move people deeply,
Or move a lot of people:
Two tactics, one threat.

“Success means nothing”
Clicks Cucuyo, glowing green.
Sky blushes and fades.

Habitat is brok-
en by habits. You have to
be asking the ques-

tion long enough to
know the age of a turtle,
the fate of a place.


One response to “Haikus: Week One

  1. Thanks for the poems and pictures. Have the egyptian geese invaded the west coast of Florida? Happily breeding on my golf course.


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