Want to bring this process to Captiva through the RRR and local environmental partners

This video was shot at a public school in Miami during Earth Day 2015.  The kids were given green flags and native tree saplings to plant at home. It is the sixth year that we plant a tree and flag in every single one of our 336 public schools in Miami.  More at http://www.NativeFlags.org

As part of the Rising Waters Confab, I want to bring this Native Flags process to Captiva through the RRR and local environmental partners.  The plants we distribute would be harvested onsite using Gumbo Limbo cuttings.  The green flags would be made onsite using the silkscreening studio.

More about the project:

Miami artist Xavier Cortada created this urban reforestation eco-art project to help restore native habitats for plants and animals in urban areas.

Participating residents are asked to plant a native tree alongside the green project flag in their front yard and state: “I hereby reclaim this land for nature.” 

Nativeflags.orgThe project’s conspicuous green flags serve as a catalyst for conversations with neighbors, who will be encouraged to join the effort and help rebuild their native tree canopy one yard at a time.

Ideally, as they watch each tree grow, their interest in the environment will also grow.


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