Gumbo Limbo in the RRR(R)

Xavier Cortada,

Xavier Cortada, “Native Flags: North Pole,” 2008

As part of my time here at the Rising Seas confab, I want to implement a participatory eco-art project to engage the local community in addressing climate change concerns.  I thought to take my Native Flags project as a point of departure.

Walking around the Robert Rauschenberg Residency (RRR) 22 acre campus I noticed many Gumbo Limbo trees.  The native tree (also called the tourist tree) is resilient in the face of hurricane winds and does a great job at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.  And it easily grows from a twig…

Today, I met with Jason and Carrell here at the residency and began talking about taking cuttings from their Gumbo Limbo trees to create a nursery here at the residency.

We also talked about creating a RRRR (Robert Rauschenberg Residency Reforesration) project-specific flag similar to the one I planted at the North Pole (  The flags would be silkscreened onsite here at the studio.

Participants would plant their RRRR flag alongside the RRRR native trees all over this tourist island.

Gumbo Limbo near the Weeks House at the RRR.

Gumbo Limbo near the Weeks House at the RRR.


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