Statues of Brave Heroes of Climate Change Skepticism

Foot Skeleton

We propose the creation of life-size monuments to politicians who refuse to accept the established science of climate change.  Each statue will be fabricated with a water-soluble body supported by a durable metal skeleton. The bodies could be made of salt, for example, and the skeletons of marine grade stainless steel.

Statues are to be located in ‘rising water cities’ where periodic flooding will eat away the body and reveal the skeleton.

  • In Miami, statues could honor Governor Rick Scott (“No … I have not been convinced.”) and Senator Marco Rubio (“I don’t think there’s the scientific evidence to justify it.”).
  • A statue of New York’s Representative Lee Zeldin (“I’m not sold yet on the whole argument ….”) could be placed on the Hudson River waterfront in New York City.
  • Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise (scientists “are raising major questions about the global warming theories”) could be placed in the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

In mild cases of sea level rise, only the feet of skeleton will be revealed. In most cases the entire skeleton will eventually become the monument.

Human Skeleton


2 responses to “Statues of Brave Heroes of Climate Change Skepticism

  1. …and in other places, where temperature rise or drought is the issue, the statue could slowly crumble away as climate change takes hold.

    funny idea, I’d love to see this happen.


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