Rising Waters Confab joins rally

Captiva rally, Cortada-1Rising Waters Confab artists and staff rallied on April 28 at Jensen’s Marina in Captiva with other business leaders and concerned citizens to call for action by Florida’s Governor and Legislators to honor Amendment 1 and to use the $750 million approved by 75% of the voters for land acquisition and Everglades restoration.

Captiva rally, Cortada-2

Speakers at the rally included artist Xavier Cortada, Rising Waters Confab participant and Miami Beach resident. The next day, April 29, The Santiva Chronicle reported:

Perhaps the most impassioned speech was made by Ann Brady, director of the Rauschenberg Residency, which is currently hosting a group of artists who are looking to the environment for inspiration.

Noting that Robert Rauschenberg settled here because of the environment, and the Residency has attracted artists because of the beauty here, she said that because of the legislative inaction to the environment and the denial of climate change by Gov. Rick Scott, “Now we are not proud to be a part of this state.” She added, “The governor and the legislature need to do what we told them to do. We are their bosses.”


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“Local rally pushes for sugar land purchase,” NBC2 News, April 29, 2015

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