The advance guard arrives

Advance guard, crop
The three curator/organizers of the Rising Waters Confab – (from left to right) Buster Simpson, Laura Sindell, and Anne Focke – arrived and, in preparation for greeting other participants, took positions next to Bob Rauschenberg’s poster for the first Earth Day.

And a little later, Buster caught Laura and Anne showing their silly sides.

Laughing with Laura & Bob, cropped

2 responses to “The advance guard arrives

  1. Looks like you are settling into Island paradise. We islanders look forward to hearing more about your confab activities. We are so blessed to have three curators with your extensive background.

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  2. And we are really excited to be here. I’m so glad you’ve added to our blog and hope you’ll do more. Some of us were at a press conference this morning at Jensen’s Marina, all about the pollution from Lake Okeechobee. Your introduction to the issue on our way to Captiva from the airport gave us a real head start.


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