Agitprop in a Bottle, Buster Simpson

Floating a Message from Captiva Island
Curator/organizer perspective #1

Agit Prop in a bottle

Of the many possible actions awaiting us at the Rising Waters think tank confabulation, I am considering an optional opportunity for us to recommit the Robert Rauschenberg silkscreen studio in the spirit of his ROCI (Overseas Cultural Interchange 1984-1991) and address global climate change through a call to public action!

Since 1965, much of Bob’s silkscreen paintings were linked to social or communal causes, the environment, opposition to the war in Vietnam, artists’ rights, and international understanding. The counter culture of the 1960s addressed these concerns by deploying an array of media in the medium of the time, including wearable statements, story telling through song, web press publications and broadsides. Today the medium is also instant, social, and global.

The silkscreen process employed by Rauschenberg and now in our tool bag is intended to be a means to an end, a way to enlarge an image, make a prop, or multiply a word. This is one way to create an agitprop. The distillation of our individual and/or collective thinking could result in an electronic broadside dispersed into the public domain with the intent of encouraging other self-perpetuating public social actions. What then might make an “e-Broadside” memorable, prompting a viral dissemination?

Technical assistance in image and word transfer to silkscreen is available at this exceptional, well equipped studio. Silkscreen printing is unique, in that it can be applied to a variety of surfaces. The results could be digitally recorded and uploaded to the Internet to share, provoke and inspire to action. Expressing values is not new to us but our context of being together will be. I am interested in our collective happenstance on Captiva Island.

Your level of engagement is a personal decision. It could take a couple of hours or a week, could start now, or never end.

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