Artists during “the age of climate change”

Climakaze-Save-the-Date-Invite-1024x682Quote from organizer Elizabeth Doud.

Artists need to bring the best of their skills to the efforts of raising awareness and inciting action about what is happening to us. This crisis is almost too immense to grasp, and often overwhelmingly depressing, and the denial level among us humans is extreme, so this is not an easy job. If you are an artist, and as alarmed and heartbroken as I am about the state of our planet, I would hope you would be moved to create narratives, dances, murals, radio shows, cartoons, films, plays, street dances and operas that bear witness or respond to the largest catastrophe of our time in any way possible. And do it now.   Elizabeth Doud, Climakaze, Miami

Question by Neil de la Flor:  Climakaze isn’t just a performance platform. It’s a series of events, or dialogues, that engage the artistic community during the age of climate change.

Above quotes from Knight Foundation blog.

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